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An intimate and experiential event combing elegant five course meal with wine and whiskey pairings. Thanks to Jenn Givlin and team for making this happen. Kudos to your team from Team Mumby.

Outstanding way to start off the New Year!

Anthea A.

An exciting way to experience unique tastings and pairings with culinary and beverage experts.

Mark H.

The Owl VIP seems to be very focused on unique experiences, which is a rare find! Dan is very passionate and told me a lot about some of the specializations he is getting, to be able to create the best experience for his clients. He has some awesome stories of projects he has been putting together which I don’t think anyone else can compare with. I would highly recommend having a conversation with him if you have any event you want to run, as he can throw out many ideas to ensure the event is the most memorable and fun it can be

Mason R.

Dan Givlin from TheOwl.VIP is the person you want to contact for experiential events with your office, or family/friends. It is a unique event experience which includes wine or whisky paired with delicious food. He also hosts classy events for bachelor/ bachelorette evenings. Dan has a flare for creating an event experience you will never forget and takes care of the details so you can enjoy it all.

Amy B.