The Owl VIP

Private Food Adventures – Utilizing our Certified Whisky Ambassador, Certified Wine Adventurer, and Private Chefs, to bring you an experience you’ll never forget.


Experimental Tastings

Let’s learn more about new world wines compared to old world wines. Let’s look at whites, rosés, reds, sparkling, late harvest, ice wines, and regional specific like Champagne.

Why do you see both “Whisky” and “Whiskey”? Let’s look at Scotch, Bourbon, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, and The World.

Did you know, CANADA rules with Ciders!?! We have access to a locally produced ciders that has won numerous awards, but isn’t available from retail outlets.

Delicious Lunches and Dinners

Take one of our Experimental Tastings up a knotch by creating your own, or coming to one of our publically open, ticketed lunch or dinner.

Let us collaborate with one of our private chefs, BBQ pitmasters, and chocolatiers, to create a meal you’ll never forget.

We can do something informal, or bring out our “fancy duds” and create a fully formal experience.

Special Events

Looking to do something special for your sweetheart? Are you planning a large family gathering? Or, simply wanting to do something different with friends?

Got a special client you’re looking to impress, thank, or just take out to a unique experience?

Planning a wedding and want to do something for the bridal party, bridesmaids, groomsmen, or do something a little different as part of your reception?

Let us put together a special event that is personalized to you, or have us work with your event planner to create a fabulous night!

Distrubed Friends Calgary Alberta Canada Wine Whisky Whiskey Food Pairing Private Events Cards Against Humanity

Game Nights

As Monty Python would say, “…and now for something completely different!”. Let’s plan a Cards Against Humanity night. How about board game themes, Jenga, What Do You Meme, and other fun games.

Certified in Wines

Yes indeed, in addition to our own experiences, we’re formerly educated too! Would you like to try, and learn more about, white wines, rosé, red, ice wines, late harvest, port, or fortified wines? How about old world vs new world? Have you ever tried a specific specialty from France, Italy, or Austrailia?

Certified in Whisky

Do you know what the difference is between “Whisky” and “Whiskey”? How about Single Malt Scotch to a Blended Scotch? Kentucky to Tennessee Bourbon? Rye whiskey to a cereal grain blend?

Did you know, there’s a FABULOUS distillery in the Yukon, who’s whisky is also in some VERY tasty food products – like Whisky Maple Syrup?


The Owl VIP Calgary Alberta Wine Whisky Whiskey Food Private Events

Certifiably Crazy

Yeah, that’s not the first time we’ve heard this! We’ve taken decades worth of experiences from all over the world, and created a passion project that we’d love to share with you. We love our food, wine, whisky, and adventure, so join us for a truly unique experience!

"An intimate and experiential event combining an elegant five course meal with wine and whiskey pairings. Thanks to Jenn and team for making this happen. Kudos to your team... Outstanding way to start off the New Year!"


– Anthea M.

"An exciting way to experience unique tastings and pairings with culinary and beverage experts."


– Mark H.

"The Owl VIP seems to be very focused on unique experiences, which is a rare find! Dan is very passionate and told me a lot about some of his specializations... to be able to create the best experience for his clients. He has some awesome stories of projects he has been putting together, which I don’t think anyone else can compare with. I would highly recommend having a conversation with him if you have any event you want to run, as he can throw out many ideas to ensure it's the most memorable and fun it can be!"


– Mason R.

"Dan from TheOwl.VIP is the person you want to contact for experiential events with your office, or family/friends. It is a unique event experience which includes wine or whisky paired with delicious food. He also hosts classy events for bachelor/ bachelorette evenings. Dan has a flare for creating an event experience you will never forget and takes care of the details so you can enjoy it all."


– Amy B.



The Whisky Guy

Dan hasn’t always loved his whisky, but it definitely has become a passion in the last decade. He’s a Certified Whisky Ambassador (among other certifications) and has a specialty certification in Scotch. When he isn’t prepping his “14 hour smoked brisket” and attempting to pair it with a Scotch, Bourbon, or other far-away whisky, you can find him researching spirits and trying as many as he can. If you stop by our location, if you ask nicely, he’s also more than happy to share a dram or two from his collection.



The Wine Adventurer

Jenn has always had a taste for fine wine, and fine food. In addition to learning more about wines all over the world, she finds the geography and “Terroir” behind them fascinating. She’s WSET Certified in Wines (among other certifications), and loves to experiment with different new and old world wines with everything she eats. She loves to educate people, which makes her a natural speaker, and enjoys working with our private chefs to come up with a unique experience you’re sure to come back for.

You Have GOT To Watch This!

I’m sure you know who Johnnie Walker (the Blended Scotch Whisky) is, right??  But, do you KNOW the story behind the brand??

“John” started his business when he was just 14 years old, and “Johnnie Walker” is now the world’s number one Scotch Whisky brand, enjoyed by people in over 180 countries around the world.

This video is over 6 minutes long, and (it’s my understanding) it was also done on the very first take.  Robert Carlyle is an absolute master story teller, and (like myself) you’ll want to watch it over, and over again, to listen to ALL the details in the story and see the beautiful scenery.