Experimental Tastings, Delish Brunch & Dinners, Private Special Events

No, we’re not a restaurant or catering company, we are a “pop-up” food adventure team who offer personalized private events at our location, your home or cottage, and other unique venues.


The menu is NEVER the same twice, and is personally prepared by one of our private chefs.  The food is perfectly paired with our Wine Adventurer and/or Whisky Ambassador, who both also happen to be competition BBQ judges (and like to eat “Keto”) so you could say, they DO love their food and beverages, and want to share their experiences and expertise with you. 


Food Adventures

We love people JUST LIKE YOU…  People who love their food & beverages, who aren’t too afraid to try new things, learn something new, and have a great time!  Wouldn’t you like to experience:

  • A chocolate chef who’s also a jazz musician?
  • An Italian chef who’s the master at his craft? 
  • A husband and wife team who have traveled and entertained people all over the world?
  • New and upcoming private chefs who are hungry to showcase their talents?
  • Award winning wines from the old and new world?
  • Small batch and hard to get Scotches, Whiskies, and Bourbons?
  • Craft ciders, not sold at the LCBO, but grown and made right here in Ontario?

Experimental Tastings

Wine, Whisky and Craft Cider

Let’s take something delicious like a lightly sweet vanilla bean crème brûlée, how does it pair with something like a raspberry framboise?  How about a late harvest Pino Gris, or an Irish Whiskey aged in cognac casks?

How about a brisket burger combined with smoked meat, how does it pair with a cabernet merlot wine from the old world?  How does that compare to a wine in the new world?  What about a locally made Ontario Craft Cider, or an 18 year old single malt Scotch whisky that is lightly smokey?

Delicious Brunch and Dinners

Food is Fabulous at ANY Time

Our private events can be scheduled anytime during the day – although, if we’re being honest here – Dan really isn’t a morning person, so doing a breakfast event (unless it involves whisky maple syrup) probably isn’t a good idea.

Our ideal timeline for private events run between 11am and 11pm – perfect for brunch, lunch, afternoon delight, supper, or evening event. 

Private Special Events

Jazz Night, Trip Education, Game On

Think of us as a very unique event planner!  We create our own events in our location (ie. Summer Harvest Tables), or can build your personal private event suited to your family, friends, or coworkers.

Got family coming for the weekend, and you’d like to host a BBQ Pitmaster night?  How about girls / guys / couples night out?  A special anniversary or romantic dinner?  Or, for something completely different – how about line dancing, curling, learn to cook, cards against humanity, trivial pursuit, or other fun night?

Going on a trip to Norfolk County, Niagara Falls, Kentucky, Tennessee, France, Germany, Ireland or Scotland?  Let us give you a little education, before you go!  

Corporate Events

Going For That WOW Factor

Want to take your client appreciation experience to the next level?  Need some unique ideas for a team building experience – that isn’t axe throwing, bowling, or escape room based?

Perhaps you’ve already got a major event already planned, and you need something special for those particular VIP clients. 

We can provide you and your business associates with a private, educational, fun, formal or informal experience, that will up the “WOW” factor in your business.  

You DO know who Johnnie Walker is, right?  Watch this FANTASTIC video to learn about his family adventure.

Latest from the Blog

Read about our reviews on specific wine and spirits, follow our adventures as we host events and expand our own knowledge base as we travel and educate people.  If there’s a specific wine, spirit, or food you’d like us to learn more about, just let us know!

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