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Meet Dan & Jenn

Dan and Jenn have been together since the ’70s (yup – since gradeschool!) and they love great food, fun and beverages!  TheOwl.vip is a passion project for them, and banks on their formal education in wine & spirits, their competition judging, and decades of travelling and experimenting with food and drinks.

Dan Givlin, The Whisky Guy

Dan is well known as “The Whisky Guy” and has a storage cabinet of somewhere between 50 and 100 unique and interesting bottles of Scotch, Irish Whiskey, Canadian Rye and American Bourbon.  He’s also got a variety of other hard to find single and blended malts from Japan, Taiwan, Canada (have YOU tried “Two Brewers” yet?!?!) and other parts of the world.

Food wise, Dan loves his BBQ (he makes a pretty mean 14 hour smoked brisket), spicy Thai and Asian specialties, and loves to eat Jalapeno’s raw.  Yes, he loves his spicy food, and his chocolate milk to go with it …if… there doesn’t happen to be a 12 year old single malt within reach.

Dan is:

  • Certified Whisky Ambassador
  • Certified Fine Vintages in Spirits
  • Certified WSET Trained in Wines
  • Certified in Food and Wine Pairing
  • Certified Competition BBQ Judge

He’s also got his eye on a Gin certification that should be coming out this year, and is currently doing his best to go through the 1001 Whiskies To Try Before You Die.

Jenn Givlin, The Wine Adventurer

Jennifer isn’t exactly a wine snob, but when you consider she’s got 2 wine fridges that contain just under 100 bottles of wine, I suppose you could say she loves her wine.  Her collection includes a mix of the old world and the new world – including Champagne, Sparkling, Light Whites, Rosé, Full Bodied Whites, Medium Reds, Full Bodied Reds, and maybe …just maybe… a single Fortified wine too.  About the only thing she WON’T likely ever have on hand, is a boxed wine, so don’t ever ask her to pull one of those out of the fridge.

Food wise, Jenn doesn’t love her spice as much as Dan does, but she does have the unique ability to pull just about any flavour out of any dish.  She loves to try new foods, and see what different wines taste like with the food.

Jenn is:

  • Certified WSET Trained in Wines
  • Certified French Wine Professional
  • Certified Fine Vintages in Spirits
  • Certified in Food and Wine Pairing
  • Certified Competition BBQ Judge

She’s also looking to take other specialties this year as well, and (not to be outdone) is being pretty competitive with Dan by going through the 1001 Wines To Try Before You Die. …oh such fun they have together!

Why “TheOwl”?

You HAVE seen the owl tattoo on Dan’s arm haven’t you?  He’s got 2 of them actually, and for as long as Dan and Jenn have been together (since the ’70’s if you can believe it), Jenn has always called Dan “her owl” for a variety of reasons.

Owls have always been a fascination, and there are a variety of large and small photos of owls throughout their house.  So, owning a company named after such a majestic creature, was an easy sell.