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Doing what we do, you can’t have a 1001 Whiskies To Try Before You Die without at least having the companion book for wines! If you’re a social wine drinker or connoisseur, this book covers all the regions of the world and is a fantastic reading adventure.

The book is broken down by wine types – Champagne (which is both a wine type and a region), sparking wines, white wines, red wines, fortified wines, but I haven’t come across any rosé wines yet. It includes pictures some pictures of each bottle, samples of the wine labels, origins, style, ABV (alcohol by volume), grape type, and a few paragraph about the vineyard and featured product. At the back of the book, the wines are also separately broken down by producers, pricing ranges, and a glossary of terminology used in the book.

The trick is, without knowing someone who might import wines that you can’t get through normal channels in Ontario, attempting to taste some of these wines could be tricky to do. Thankfully we do belong to a couple of fabulous wine clubs headed up by some fabulous critics and sommeliers, so hopefully we’ll be able to leverage their knowledge a little more to get some insights.

And, much like our whiskies, be sure to watch this blog section for content on individual whisky and wine bottles. We’ve got lots planned for the information on this website, so we hope you enjoy!

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