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Since I got my Whisky Ambassador certification last year, I find myself spending a lot of time at Indigo / Chapters (specifically the one downtown Toronto) looking at whisky / whiskey, bourbon, Scotch, and other spirit books. I find it absolutely amazing, at how many varieties of whiskies there are, and how some of these distilleries have quite a long heritage dating back hundreds of years.

I’ve since picked up at least a dozen books on different whiskies – including Scotch, Bourbon, Canadian Rye, Japanese, and other up and coming countries that are joining the ranks. I’ve also greatly expanded my liquor cabinet and have several dozens of bottles to gaze at and learn about; looks like I’ll have to potentially give up my tattoo budget for this new adventure.

It’s NOT all just about drinking a dram, it’s about learning the heritage and history behind it – how long has it been operating, who owns / owned it, what successes and failures have they had, how they made it, what environmental factors effect the process, what awards they might have won, and where they’re going in the future. Sure, anyone can pull a bottle off the shelf and pour it into a glass, but why bother if you don’t know much about the product inside that bottle?

Drinking whisky is an adventure, especially those small batch, cask strength ones, that will put you on the floor faster than looking if you’re not careful. But, to feel the warmth, the “burn” at the back of your throat, and understand just what it is exactly that’s in front of you, is to truly enjoy the spirit.

If you haven’t had an opportunity yet to watch the Johnnie Walker video “The Man Who Walked Around The World”, you ABSOLUTELY MUST watch that video. And, the next time you see me, be sure to ask me about a couple of fun facts about it.

In the meantime, I’m happy to say I have enjoyed a few drams of some of the whiskies in this book. And, dare I say, I am also proud to say I own a couple of them too… but I’m more than happy to share. Just ask me, the next time you’re in our shop, and be sure to keep watching this blog section for content on individual whisky and wine bottles. And look for information on the alternative book 1001 Wines To Try Before You Die.

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